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Album notes: First six songs contain no curse words. Songs 7 - 16 do.

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Hello. This is my new record. You can download it for FREE. I wrote the songs and played the instruments. Hope you like it. Tell your friends.

servant of God (2014)






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1. I Like You
2. No Pizza
3. Carry Me
4. I Can't Sleep
5. In Your Eyes
6. Schizophrenia
7. Hot Dog!
8. Slut Pt. II
9. The Librarian
10. Your Sister
11. Road Trip
12. Captivated By Janitors
13. Bogus 'Schrooms
14. The Park
15. The Prom
16. Getting' Fat

douchebag zombie (2013)


Video in High Definition (with Adult Content)
Viewer Discretion is Advised
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Video posted on Charles Boyd's YouTube Channel.
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1. Douchebag Zombie
2. King Of Panties
3. Bitches On Television
4. Already Pregnant
5. Spermdaddy
6. Don't Talk
7. Vanishing Without A Trace
8. Terminally Horny
9. Horses
10. Sittin' On Top Of The World
11. Summer Of Love
12. Milli Vanillicide
13. Don't Blame The Acid
14. Noggin'
15. I Married A Whore